Serving the people of Measham

Salt Bins

The parish council own salt bins on Mease Close, Buckley Close and Orchard Way, the remainder belonging to Leicestershire County Council or privately owned.

Salt Bin Requests

Each request for a salt bin will looked at and determined individually with consideration
given to the following points:

1. Road is not an existing LCC salting route

2. Severity of Incline/bend in the area

3. Proximity to other bins

4. Suitability to site a bin (if not parish council land, permission has to be sought from
Leicestershire County Council/landowner)

5. Neighbour approval

Salt is provided for use on public roads and paths only and must not be used for private
drives and gardens.

Before winter parish council owned bins will be re stocked with sufficient salt.


Leicestershire County Council are responsible for gritting roads, for more information please go to Gritting and travel this winter | Leicestershire County Council

Last updated: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 10:41