Measham Parish Council

Serving the people of Measham

Clerk: Dawn Roach
c/o Measham Leisure Centre
off High Street, Measham
Derbyshire DE12 7HR

Tel: 01530 589583

Parish Council History

A History Snapshot - taken from the Parish Council Minutes

The longest serving Parish Councillor for Measham was a Mr H Wileman who was on the Parish Council from 1934 to 1972, an incredible 38 years.

On July 1st 1896 it was agreed that the Parish Clerk fee for tolling the church bell and attendance at a burial would be 3 Shillings (approx £8.98 in todays money).

On January 1st 1901 the Parish Council received communication from the Rural District Council respecting an alleged nuisance at West Lake Terrace, Tamworth Road. After discussing the matter the clerk was asked to write back to the District Council stating that it was of the opinion of the council that the owners of the property should deal with the alleged nuisance themselves.

On Oct 1st 1907 the Parish Council Chairman mentioned the matter of motor cars driving through the town at a dangerous rate, it was resolved to communicate with the Police.

On August 3rd 1909 the Measham Gas Company submitted their contract for the lighting of the streets for the lighting season ending April 10 1910. The amount being £93 (£5306 approx in todays money).

The Captain of the Fire Brigade reported that the Brigade were called out to a fire which occured at a property on Bosworth Road on December 8th 1910 and that the fire was speedily extinguished. The amount payable to the Fie Brigade as per rule for their services at the time was £4,12s 6d. (£264.00 in todays money).

On July 7th 1919 the sum of £60 (£1273 today) be spent in peace celebrations to provide a tea to all children attending the days school, a meat tea for all old people aged over 65 years of age and to entertain all the discharged and demobilised sailors and soldiers. It was also agreed to engage the Ibstock United Silver Prize Band.

On March 4th 1925 it was resolved to strongly urge the District Council to do all it possibly could to have a number of houses erected in Measham.

On October 6th 1936 Rat Week was discussed and it was agreed that a supply of rat poison be obtained for free distribution to occupiers of rat infested premises.

On June 9th 1937 it was resolved to have a bronze plaque fixed against the oak tree planted on the recreation ground to commemorate the coronation of King George.

It was resolved on July 1st 1941 to call a meeting of the council, air raid wardens and ARP workers with a view of arranging sports for children and adults and at the same time arrange for instruction on air raid precautions and how to combat enemy raids with gas bombs.

On December 1st 1942 it was reported that the explosions caused by the Home Guards exercising on Sunday November 29th alarmed a number of old people and it was resolved to write to the sub controller suggesting that notice should be given to the public when such exercises are going to take place.