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Notice from Measham Medical Unit

Changes at the Medical Unit from 4th July 2022

As you may be aware NHS England recently introduced new infection control guidelines which means that mask wearing in GP Surgeries is now only advised for patients with respiratory symptoms and for staff in clinical areas

We are often asked why we have the gates closed and the answer is to protect staff and patients which has always been one of our main priorities.

Often there are vulnerable and poorly patients in our waiting room who need protection and our covid infection rate for staff has been at its highest between January and March 2022.

One of the reasons we have remained open is because we have taken precautions with access to the Unit, unfortunately, other surgeries locally have had to close for short periods of time.

With this in mind, we thought that we would like to give our patients some perspective about what has been happening at the Unit.

We often get messages asking if our phones lines are not working, our phones lines are always open when we are. Between January and March 2022, we answered 53,381 calls

Patients also ask why we ask for details of the problem when patients make an appointment. This is so we can book them into the right appointment here or signpost to other available services such as the Community Pharmacy Consultation Scheme which sees Pharmacists working alongside Primary Care clinicians to deal with problems including things like Water infections, insect bites, hay fever, colds and flu.

We also get asked when we are going to start seeing patients again. Between January and March 2022, we had 3247 face to face consultations and we had telephone consultations with a further 6958 patients.

Our total number of appointments from:

  • 15.05.2021- 15.05.2022 was 89,903
  • 15.05.2020-15.05.2021 was 79,267
  • 15.05.2019- 15.05-2021 was 77,670

Between January and March this year, we took bloods from over 4000 patients, we issued 16337 repeat prescriptions for patients and delivered medication to over 700 patients each month. The surgery shuttle bus service brought patients to 133 appointments, and we are fortunate to have just had a brand-new bus.

Between January and March this year, we looked after 81 patients with complex wounds, some requiring daily appointments and our midwife provided 206 appointments for pregnant patients. Our practice nurses also carried out 426 cervical smears.

We have also introduced a new online consultation platform, details of this are available on our website and Facebook page. This is a new online patient to doctor platform that patients can use to contact us with non- emergency, non- urgent medical conditions, or admin questions. Since we introduced this service in April 2022 over 650 patients have used it.

During the pandemic we have seen some changes in our staff.

  • Dr Swaebe and Dr Ravji have moved to other practices
    • Nurse Practitioner Sally Brooks and Diane Watts, (one of our practice nurses) have retired.

Joining us we have

  • Emma Williams (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)
  • Emily Large (Physician Associate),
  • Joanne Harborne (Nursing Associate)
  • 3 Emergency Care Paramedics
  • An additional clinical pharmacist.

Dr Popat and Dr Blanckensee have joined us as GP partners. We are also currently increasing staffing levels in our main office and dispensary.

Five members of staff have had or are on maternity leave too.

Many of our staff also took part in the vaccination programme in their spare time enabling over 11000 of our eligible patients to be vaccinated at least 3 times.

As we move forward, we are making changes which will be effective from 4th July

  • The Unit gates will reopen for patients who have a booked appointment or are coming to the drop-in blood clinic.
  • We will continue with telephone triage, if you need to be seen the clinician you speak to will make you the appropriate face to face appointment.
  • Practice nurse, nurse associate and clinic team appointments are bookable face to face, and some will soon be available online.
  • Appointments, where available, can be made with the clinician of your choice
  • Please do not come to the Unit to make an appointment. Appointments will not be made at the Unit. Appointments can be made over the telephone or are available to book online. Online consultations are available via Engage Consult (our online consultation platform)

Prebookable appointments will be available up to 4 weeks ahead

Internet appointments will be released in blocks rather than each morning

Our drop-in blood clinic will start running each morning from 7:30am-10:30am

In order that we can manage our workload more efficiently please can we ask:

  • You only call between 8:30am and 10:30am if your appointment is urgent for that day
  • If you want to book a future appointment, please ring after 11:00am, we are here until 6:00pm
  • If you have an enquiry or are calling about anything non urgent, then please ring after 11:00 am
  • Please do not come to the Unit to make an appointment we are not making appointments in person.

Why not think about joining our Patient Reference Group

Post-pandemic Restoration Group

A chance to make constructive comments and be part of effective change

Posted: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 10:26 by Dawn Roache

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