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Update from North West Leicestershire

Finance and Economy:

It's now a priority to ensure we can administer the many government grants that are now available, but we are asking the public to patient with us while we do the work to put these arrangements in place. The daily announcements of new grants, whilst very welcome, bring with it complex processes and procedures which are not simple to put in place with limited resources.

We have already billed 144 retail businesses and 38 public houses in the area to take account of the 100% 'retail relief' on business rates. We are now working to bill businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors with this 100% relief as well as starting to identify retail, hospitality and leisure businesses eligible for a £10k or £25k cash grant.

Our teams are also working hard to understand businesses who might be impacted but not eligible for these type of reliefs and how they can obtain support.

The team is incredibly busy working on this and appreciates everyone's patience while they work through this significant task.

We'll contact eligible businesses directly as soon as possible.

In the meantime we're asking business owners to avoid contacting us unless absolutely necessary, so that we can focus on this task.

Service provision

Changes to service provision will be set out on the webpage but in summary changes today include:

  • Closure of our parks and playgrounds in line with government guidance and following the County Council decision today
  • Closure of public toilets in Coalville and Ashby
  • No charges to park in NWLDC council car parks - ticket machines are a high hand contact area. This is not being done to encourage people to come to town centres, but we hope it will be useful to residents now staying at home and that struggle to find spaces to park on the street.


As a continuation of the work we started last week, we are currently identifying key community groups and starting to contact them to talk about forming community hubs of support across our district. In the coming days/weeks we hope these hubs can become a key part of our communities, offering a variety of support to the vulnerable and isolated.

You'll be aware following the PM's announcement yesterday, that 1.5m people in the most critical 'at risk' group will also receive letters this week. As a result of this, there is an instruction to create a similar support network for the delivery of food and medicines in our communities, which is being led on by the county council. We're in close contact with the county and need to see how this fits together with our plans. We'll keep you updated.

These are a couple of the social media messages we're posting later tonight that are around these decisions – if you want to look out for them

Message around parks and public toilets

Sadly, we've had to the decision to close our parks and playgrounds from tonight. While we'd love to keep them open it is simply too difficult for people to follow social distancing guidelines in these areas.

It's not physically possible for us to lock up many of our parks and playgrounds – but we ask for your support in adhering to these closures.

Public toilets managed by NWLDC in Coalville and Ashby have now also been closed.

Thank you for your continued support.

Message around car parks and markets

From tomorrow morning and until further notice there will be no charges to park in NWLDC council car parks.

This is not being done to encourage people to come to town centres at this time, but we hope it will be useful to residents now staying at home and that struggle to find spaces to park on the street.

Coalville Market remains open in line with the supermarkets to provide the sale of food and essentials. Please do continue to support the market while following the two-metre distancing advice.

Posted: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 15:56 by Dawn Roache

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