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St. Charles Roman Catholic Primary School

St. Charles Roman Catholic Primary School

Love is made possible by respect.

St. Charles' School offers a friendly, family atmosphere based on Catholic principles backed by good teaching and discipline. The school continuously strives to improve educational standards and incorporate our strong religious values.

These standards enable us to encourage each pupil to reach their maximum potential in a caring environment that promotes mutual respect between pupils, staff and parents. Within the school we actively encourage interaction between children of all ages and endeavour to keep our school as one large family, caring for and respecting each other.

The school caters for individual needs, educational, physical, emotional and spiritual. It is our core belief that each person in the school community is unique with their own special gifts. We will encourage each individual to grow and develop in an environment where respect, encouragement, caring and challenge are the daily norm.

Address:Bosworth Rd
DE12 7LQ
Telephone:01530 270572
Categories:Schools, Education & Adult Learning
Organisation Type:Community

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