Serving the people of Measham

  • The next council and planning meeting is on Thursday 14th July, 6pm at Age UK in the High Street. All welcome.

Car Parks

Parking is available at the back of the library, there is no time restriction or charge for users of the car park. This car park is provided and maintained by NWLDC.

Peggs Close
Ample parking is available and accessible from Peggs Close with pedestrian acces to the High Street next to Gilly's Pantry. There is no time restriction or charge for users of this car park which is part owned by NWLDC and Ideal County Homes.

High Street
There are three parking bays in the High Street, these are free to use but have a 2 hour time limit.

Queens Street
6 spaces are available just inside Queens Street which are free to use with no time restrictions.

Many of the community buildings and shops have their own car parks including the Village Hall, Tesco, Co-op, Medical Unit, Leisure Centre and Fenton Crescent Shops.

Last updated: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 10:44